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Hi, I'm Nicola. 12 years ago a breast cancer diagnosis changed my world. I made it my mission to heal, embracing a totally new way of living. I reassessed my lifestyle down to the way I eat, think and breathe. I moved from London to a beautiful town on the south coast of England and began home educating my two children.


I fell in love with learning about wellness from a naturopathic and functional medical perspective, and over the years I have become passionate about sharing what I have learned. With that in mind 3 years ago I began running workshops for home educated teens. These quickly gained momentum and grew to include adults and families.


During Coronavirus I merged my workshops with the blog I started writing after my diagnosis and Nourish and Grow was born. In the absence of real workshops I rewrote them as booklets. Bite sized, fun and informative, they capture the essence of connection around a kitchen table, the sharing of wisdom that many of us have lost touch with, of making, tasting and ultimately of taking responsibility for our own health.

I have learned that in creating a gentle, loving dialogue with our bodies we can trust our implicit wisdom to guide us back to vibrant good health. We can reconnect with wellness through joy, simplicity and nature.

I am a qualified and fully insured naturopath registered with the Society of Naturopaths and the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. I am particularly passionate about hormone health at menarche, menopause, foraging and the power that living simply, naturally and with joy has on wellbeing.


Nicola is an absolute mine of information which is practical and useful for understanding the body. She has transformed her own health and these are always the best people to learn about health from. Her booklets are beautiful in every way and chock full of useful information. They are so good, I am now recommending them to all of my clients.

Fiona Shakeela Burns


"Nicola is my go to person for anything to do with health, healing and wellness. She possesses that rare quality, genuine authenticity and a desire to help people and planet. She does this because she really cares. Her own story and healing journey is so remarkable; and because her wisdom and experience came through years of learning and recovery, I trust her completely."

Tara Gould


"Nicola's own health journey is the most inspiring story. Her booklets are beautiful, informative, insightful and offer good, practical advice. Most importantly they will change the way you view your relationship with your body - a truly useful aid in understanding your own health."


Tea Novo

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