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Nicola Corcoran. SoN. FNTP.


Nicola is an accredited and fully insured Naturopath. In her professional and private life she is dedicated to improving health through natural solutions and nourishment. She consults for a respected Harley Street practice and has a busy private practice on the South Coast where she lives. Whilst her work is rooted in science, she is a firm believer of the power that nature and nourishment have in restoring and maintaining well-being.

Nicola is also the Principle of ‘Nourish and Grow’, an internet resource focussed on showing and educating her patients how best to help themselves improve their own health - through consultation, seminars and teaching, for individuals and small groups.

She holds regular workshops on topics from gut health to hormones, vitality and beyond, where she gently shows in an easy, relaxed and creative way, how one can help heal oneself.

Nicola consults globally and has appeared in interviews with eminent and revered specialists. She has been published in several books, as well as having published her own series of wellness booklets on topics from Anxiety and Sleep to Immune System health. She has co-created successful retreats at Penny Brohn Centre in Bristol.


Nicola keeps up to date on the research in her fields by attending numerous medical seminars and conferences, specifically on hormonal health and epigenetics.


Nicola is an absolute mine of information which is practical and useful for understanding the body. She has transformed her own health and these are always the best people to learn about health from. Her booklets are beautiful in every way and chock full of useful information. They are so good, I am now recommending them to all of my clients.

Fiona Shakeela Burns


Working with Nicola has been a game changer for me. Following a recent diagnosis for Meniere’s disease, modern medicine was useful up to a point but has a fixed mindset about this condition that has no known cure. Nicola came up with a comprehensive wellness plan. I’m feeling the best I have done in years and I’m confident that I will heal from this condition thanks to this life-changing plan. Working with Nicola has given me a real sense of hope and determination and has contributed massively to my mental as well as physical wellbeing"

N Blandford


"Nicola's own health journey is the most inspiring story. Her booklets are beautiful, informative, insightful and offer good, practical advice. Most importantly they will change the way you view your relationship with your body - a truly useful aid in understanding your own health."


Tea Novo

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