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Hello! I'm here to guide you back to vibrant good health.

Let me help you to restore the natural balance in your body in a gentle, sustainable way through diet, lifestyle and appropriate supplementation.


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I've been following Nicola's work for a while and it is wonderful inspiring, nourishing and nurturing stuff delivered from the heart and from a place of understanding and experience. I can't recommend enough"

Chloe le Fay


"Nicola is warm and welcoming and infectiously passionate about encouraging us to take charge of our own health and wellbeing. She sees each person as an individual and empowers you to discover what is best for your own lifestyle and body. When you leave one of her workshops you will feel informed to make the right choices for you about your health and wellbeing and you will also have had a lot of fun and thought provoking discussion."

Lorna Conroy


Receiving a cancer diagnosis was quite scary. I scrambled around looking for information not knowing who to trust. 

Fortunately I was introduced to Nicola and am so thankful. She is very very knowledgeable but able to be flexible and willing to negotiate to find solutions that best suit me. 

She is very approachable and available to answer my questions. I feel incredibly supported and I feel that she is taking me on a fascinating healing journey. She is also very friendly and warm.

I am incredibly grateful to have access to her great knowledge and experience. Thank you Nicola from the bottom of my heart.


M Smith

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