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As a home educator who runs workshops for teens, I want to be able to share the sessions I have created with other home educating families.


I am in the process of recording all of my workshops so that they can be accessible to home educators who are not local.  My hope is that you join another family, hire a village hall, or meet as a group to share the workshops. This way they become cost efficient and can help to build community and social groups for our young people.


The workshops are designed in themes but can be bought individually. Each has a list of things you will need to gather in advance, information about the subject, and recipes/activities to support the lesson. I have tried to make the ingredients list as affordable and accessible as possible.

My regular workshops run weekly for an hour, with up to thirteen 12- 16 year olds. I have found that each child quickly accesses the information at their own comfort level. 

Each workshop has plenty of time for connection and joy. Some sessions take place in outdoor spaces to encourage foraging, playing games and connecting with the seasons. Seasonally appropriate workshops are marked as such. As the  leader all you will need to do is read through the workshop with your group and support any making.

My wish is that together we are able to support and maintain the deep connection children have with their inner wisdom and encourage a gentle, ongoing dialogue with their bodies. 

Nicola ran a teens workshop today for a my daughter and a small group of friends. I have to say teenagers are particularly tricky to keep focussed but all the girls were completely mesmerised. Nicola has a way of connecting with them, making them feel empowered and like young adults rather than children.I can’t recommend Nicola enough and what a brilliant way to teach our children how to look after themselves and be conscious of what they put on and in their bodies. AMAZING!!

Tammy McDermid


"I’ve had lovely experiences at Nicola's wellness classes. I’ve learned about topics I might not have come across otherwise and have had the opportunity to make a wide variety of tinctures, lotions, teas etc from ingredients I never would have tried on my own. All the courses I attended had a wonderful, fun atmosphere that was incredibly friendly and welcoming to whatever level of understanding you had of the human mind and body and helped me develop my own interests in biology and health."

Madeline Archer


"Nicola offers her wisdom and knowledge with a warmth and humour, that makes for a really comfortable and accessible learning environment. The quality of the resources she uses is very high too and the way her wellness packs are presented is beautiful. Thoroughly recommend."

Cintha Archer

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