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As a naturopath I am excited to support your return to vibrant good health. I use the principles of functional medicine, looking at imbalance as the root cause of illness. By addressing deficiencies and toxicities I will gently but powerfully support your body to do what it does best: heal.

I offer relevant functional medicine testing such as advanced thyroid testing, GI mapping and DUTCH testing (dried urine testing for complete hormones) and recommend a carefully curated selection of clean, bio-available supplements from trusted sources. 

  • During our first one hour consultation I will examine your health history, lifestyle and diet in order to assess your current needs and goals. I then create a bespoke personal plan to meet your unique needs, with dietary and lifestyle recommendations and relevant supplementation.

  • For optimal support in your healing journey I offer one to one coaching packages where I provide guidance, accountability and ongoing guidance. Packages range from blocks of 4 one hour sessions to blocks of 12 depending on your needs. 

  • Coming soon; membership to a private group with a view to gently rebooting your health in small actionable steps. Access to weekly lives, question time and practitioner discounts. £30 a month.

Contact me for a complimentary 15 minute call if you would like to know more about how I work, or enquire about which of my services would best suit you.

After we had spoken at length I took on board your recommendations and within less than two weeks my life changed dramatically and continues to improve.

  The painkillers are redundant now as my joint pain is non-existent.  From having constant pain in every joint to having no pain at all is incredible and it has changed my life.


The changes that you recommended I make are now my new lifestyle and there's no going back!

G Dell

IMG_7567 2.jpg

I've been very impressed that after just one session, Nicola has helped me to balance my hormones and my hot flushes have stopped! I love the way that Nicola works and I really trust her recommendations of supplements, diet and lifestyle.


I'd highly recommend a session with her. I loved her workshops too.

Emma Georgiou


I am so happy that Nicola has become my mentor and naturopath to support me on my own healing path. Not only does she know a lot but she has this amazing positive energy and attitude that gives you the hope you need to continue. When you go through fear, doubts or discouragement, she always has the right words to support you. This is invaluable as I needed faith and a warm supportive presence. I've found the right person to continue to fight for a healthy, vibrant life. 


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